Saturday, December 13, 2008

Commenting in Other Languages

by Benjo

By popular request from my non-American readers, I have decided to enable foreign language functionality in the comments. Effective immediately, any reader comment on Benjoblog may be written in either English or ancient Greek.

To comment in ancient Greek, simply write out the phonetic representation of your comment using the English alphabet.

For the benefit of my non-ancient Greek readers, I will promptly translate all ancient Greek comments into English. (Due to a technical blip in Blogspot's software, I will not be able to write out the English exactly, but will instead transliterate it using Germanic runes. I appreciate your understanding.)


David said...

Dear Benjo,

A mutual friend of ours has mentioned that during elementary school the young Rod Blagojevich frequently babysat you and your twin sister when your parents were away on holiday.

What was that experience like? Back then was Mr. Blagojevich as fond of the colorful language as he is today?


please translate.

Kevin said...

Benjo wut is rong with u

Benjo said...


First off, your ancient Greek is extremely impressive. Kudos.

My translation of your text can be found here.

As a separate point, I wish I could tell some memorable stories of me and the Goversitter, as we called him. However, I have signed a non-disclosure agreement for my consulting role with the crew of Young Blagojevich, a motion picture written, directed by, and starring Yahoo Serious.

Watch for the movie next year. For now, I'll just say, on the colorful language front, that on our weekly pizza night, the Goversitter had a special word for our favorite topping, and it sure wasn't "onions," if you get my meaning ;-)

- Benjo