Thursday, January 8, 2009

News Year 2009 Resolution

by Szabe

This year I make a News Year resolution. I make it out of 3 shoots of vodka and some cranberry's juice!

That is joking. But really, people say to me, Szabe, do you resolute anything for News Year 2009, and do you keep it? I am sadful to say, it is January 8, and I already break my resolution!

What did I resolute? I wanted to resolute only one thing, and something that break a bad habit. One of my most bad habits is breaking News Year resolutions! So my only resolution for this year is to go one month without breaking a resolution. I make it almost one week with no trouble, but finally yesterday the urge get too hard. It always do!

What did all of you resolute? And do you do anything fun for New's Year Eve? And if yes, why not you invited me? Just jokes!


Gabriel said...

szabe, i resolved to cut down on the fro yo. totally!

Szabe said...

Well when Gabriel you cut down on the fro, you post a picture so we see the new shorts hairs. Thanks, for the comment, "yo"!