Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Pun-Jokes

by Szabe

Benjo write the post about joke for mother. I give my mother a joke once: my school card!

My favorite jokes for mom was always the pun. The pun the only joke that give you all the funny to the humor, with language, and then so you think.

Here is my favorite Hungarian pun-jokes from growing up.
  • What the difference is of a doggie with three foots and a mailman with three letters? The doggie with three foots have three paws, and the mailman with three letters have three mails!
  • Did you heard about the man who ask his wife why she make so many jokes lately? She say she been trying to do more “humor”ous.
  • When you cross a monkey with a pencil you get what? A monkcil.
  • The lawyer prepare all week for his court case. He get ready notes and he get ready arguments. He talk to the witness and he look at the stories from before cases. He perfectly ready him for everything. Then the court case come, and he lose.
  • What the definition of war is? The struggle on the battlefield between the states or nations for the particular ends.
  • What does it call a kitchen with two refrigerates? A two-fridge kit chin!

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